Pharmacological Action of Glucosamine Hydrochloride Tablets and Study on Pain Relief of Taekwondo Players

  • Wang Yong
Keywords: Glucosamine hydrochloride; Pharmacological action; Sports injury; Taekwondo


Glucosamine is a natural aminohexose that promotes chondrocytes to produce more proteoglycans with a normal multimeric structure. This article explores the pharmacological effects of glucosamine hydrochloride tablets and its relief on injury and pain of Taekwondo players. Taekwondo is an extremely antagonistic sport. Since Taekwondo entered the Olympic Games, its development has been rapid. For confrontation projects with super high skill and fierceness, sports injuries are unavoidable. In Taekwondo's high-intensity training, the physical consumption is greater than usual. If it cannot scientifically manage its physiological elements, it will not only cause an imbalance in its physical development, but also have a negative impact on its psychological development. If the management of Taekwondo training methods is not strengthened, Taekwondo athletes will have various degrees of sports injuries during the training process. Glucosamine has the effects of repairing and maintaining cartilage and joint functions, and alleviating pain, thereby delaying the pathological process and disease progression of knee joint injuries without significant side effects.