Environmental Assessment of Green Plant Nutrient Solution and Green Wetland Soil Regeneration in Old Industrial Area

  • Huang Wenyan
Keywords: Green plant nutrient solution; Soil remediation; Green wetland; Environmental assessment


With the continuous development of agricultural technology, green plant nutrient solution has become a simple and efficient agricultural product, which plays an important role in agricultural production, and has been widely used in soil regeneration in old industrial areas. At present, scientists have used plant hydroponics technology to discover that there are 17 types of essential elements in plants, which can be divided into two categories: macroelements and trace elements. A large number of elements are elements that are required by plants in a large amount, and their content in the plant body accounts for more than 0.1% of the dry weight. Under the constraints of the current level of technology, large quantities of non-ferrous mineral waste are stored in the open air in industrial production, which seriously affects the environmental quality and ecological functions of the surrounding area of the storage yard, which will cause difficulties in ecological restoration of the storage site in the old industrial zone in the future. The emphasis in soil remediation in the old industrial area is soil desalting alkali recovery and storage yard slope repair, and the restoration effect classification evaluation is carried out for the old industrial area soil desalting alkali recovery and slope repair evaluation index. In the microbial repair method, arbuscular mycorrhizal and nitrogen-fixing algae repair have greatly helped the improvement of soil nutrition and created a good environment for vegetation growth.