Calculation of Vitamin Nutrition in Vacuum Food Enterprises and Cross Border E-commerce Operation

  • Yan Wang
Keywords: Vacuum food; Nutrition measurement; Cross-border e-commerce; Network operation


Strawberry is rich in nutrition, and the fruit is rich in phenols and other antioxidant active substances, especially the content of vitamin C is high, which has good nutrition, health and medicinal value. Drying at ice temperature allows fruit and vegetable tissue cells to be quickly dried in a fresh state without generating ice crystals to damage the cell structure of the material. At the same time, the low-oxygen environment in vacuum drying can inhibit the oxidation of nutrients and the growth and reproduction of microorganisms during the drying process. This article analyzes vitamin nutrition calculations and cross-border e-commerce operations in vacuum food companies. With the gradual acceleration of the process of economic globalization, cross-border e-commerce transactions have received more and more attention in small and medium-sized business enterprises in China, and have provided opportunities and challenges for their continued operation and development. The e-commerce model can eliminate multiple intermediate links from receiving goods from the manufacturer to the consumer, while saving transaction costs and improving the utilization of various resources, so as to maximize the benefits of participants in each transaction link. Through cross-border e-commerce platforms, small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of their own operations to provide consumers with more detailed and professional services and develop high-end customized services.