Food Nutrition and Hygiene Administrative Litigation Procedure in Civil Procedure

  • Ruobing Chai
Keywords: Food nutrition; Administrative litigation; Food safety; Protein content


With the prominent problem of food safety, more and more attention has been paid to the construction of food safety law. The safety of dairy products is the focus of food safety. Lysine and methionine are the main limiting amino acids affecting the secretion of milk protein. Methionine is helpful to promote the synthesis of breast protein. Probiotics can replace antibiotics to achieve the same effect, but there is no residue, so as to regulate the flora and promote the transformation and utilization of nutrients. This paper analyses the civil procedure of administrative lawsuit of food nutrition and hygiene. The case of intersection of administrative litigation and civil litigation studied in this paper mainly refers to the type of litigation in which the legal facts of administrative litigation cases and civil litigation cases are interrelated and the results of the litigation are mutually causal or mutually preconditioned, which has great reference significance for the construction and improvement of administrative litigation of food nutrition and health. The construction of food safety public interest litigation system will play an active role in standardizing the relevant behavior of the food industry, improving the level of food safety quality, and improving the judicial relief system in the field of food.