Land Price Assessment and Nutritional Value Analysis of Food Industry Based on Genetic Neural Network

  • Can Li
Keywords: Vitamin Nutrition; Food Industry; Nutritional Value; Land Price Assessment


In recent years, food industry parks have developed rapidly, and land price evaluation of food industry land has strong practical significance. The level of food price will affect the choice of food consumption, thus affecting the dietary structure and nutritional status of residents. Through nutritional analysis of food industry, we can see that the higher the dietary quality score, the lower the intake of cereals, and the higher the intake of vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and other foods. The benchmark land price is the basic basis of land price evaluation and dynamic monitoring, and it is also an important basis for the government to collect land transfer fees and macro-control the land market. The market conditions of land price formation and the theoretical basis of land price evaluation are discussed. It is pointed out that due to the different market conditions of price formation and the different theoretical basis of land price evaluation, the land price assessed by different transaction types is quite different. When evaluating land price by residual method, all land value-added income should not be regarded as land income. For land value-added income, it should be rationally distributed among the participants according to the elasticity of supply and demand of various factors of production.