Intelligent Community Old-age Management System and Protein Nutrition Supply Based on Internet of Things

  • Chunyu Liu
Keywords: Protein Nutrition; Internet of Things, Old-age Management, Amino Acids; Milk Nutrition


For the elderly, the main sources of protein are meat, eggs and milk. Vegetarian protein usually contains 1-2 essential amino acids, so vegetarians need to eat a variety of foods to get enough essential amino acids from various combinations. This paper analyses the intelligent community endowment management system and protein nutrition supply based on the Internet of Things. The research background of this paper is the old-age service institutions. The design of this paper aims to use the Internet of Things technology to build an information management platform with the elderly as the information node. This paper is designed from two aspects: hardware and software. In terms of hardware, this paper takes the communication module of ZigBee Internet of Things as the research object, designs the ZigBee minimum system as the unit node of the pension management system, uses acceleration sensor to capture the falls of the elderly, and equips GSM alarm module to communicate with the pre-bound users by short message or voice. In terms of software, ZigBee network is created to locate the elderly nodes in the management system by RSSI positioning method, and the collection and management of the signals of each module is completed by programming of LabVIEW host computer, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the dynamic information of the elderly nodes.