Internal Accounting Control System and Vitamin Nutrition Measurement of Family Food Enterprises

  • Ruihong Li
Keywords: Food protein; Family business; Internal accounting; Vitamin nutrition


Vitamin B in food nutrition is a water-soluble vitamin, which can regulate metabolism, maintain the health of skin and muscle, and enhance the function of immune system and nervous system. The production of food enterprises should pay attention not only to nutrition balance, but also to the control of food quality. Therefore, internal control is particularly important. This part analyses the internal accounting control system and vitamin nutrition calculation of family food enterprises. Internal accounting control is an effective means to improve the efficiency of family business management and economic benefits. In the process of determining the specific set of internal accounting control factors and their corresponding weights, the influence of subjective factors should be eliminated as far as possible so as to make the evaluation results more in line with the actual operation and management of enterprises. According to the common problems existing in the internal accounting control of family enterprises, some solutions are put forward, such as perfecting the internal accounting control system of enterprises, separating ownership from management power, deepening the construction of enterprise culture, perfecting the internal audit function of enterprises, and strengthening the quality of enterprise accountants.