Application of Nutritional and Cultural Elements in Meat Products in Food Packaging Design

  • Zhao Lu
Keywords: Packaging design; Food packaging; Meat nutrition; Fat content


Meat products are rich in vitamins. Raw meat, such as pork and mutton, contains more nicotinic acid, folic acid and biotin. It is an important food for human body to supplement corresponding vitamins. The content of vitamin A and E in animal meat is less, but vitamin D is rich in animal liver. This paper analyzed the application of nutrition and cultural elements in meat products in food packaging design. The integration of cultural elements in modern food packaging design can not only cater to the national identity of domestic consumers, but also meet the foreign cultural needs of foreign consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the role of color and pattern and their combination, through the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture, to incorporate it into the overall brand strategy of food enterprises, and to enhance the market competitiveness of relevant food enterprises. Secondly, we should make full use of the advanced laser printing technology and packaging materials to make the cultural elements in modern food packaging design more detailed and vivid. At the same time, this paper reviews the nutritional components and functions of meat and meat products. It is expected that this article will help consumers understand the nutrition and safety of meat and meat products comprehensively and objectively.