Study on the Share of Sports Nutrition Food in Sports Fitness Club

  • Lei Cao
Keywords: Sports nutritional food; Sports fitness; Protein nutrition; Physical energy consumption


Nutritional food products are more and more popular among sportsmen, and the quantity of nutritional supplements mainly composed of vitamin C and vitamin D is increasing year by year. High dietary nutrients and foods with health functions account for the vast majority of the nutritional food industry, such as milk and soybean products are also more and more popular with consumers. This paper analyses the share of sports nutrition food in sports fitness clubs. Usually, the contents of all kinds of nutrients in different types of sports nutrition food are far beyond the daily dietary intake. By analyzing the status quo of fitness and training, the use of sports nutritional food and their tendency to buy non-sports nutritional food, it can be seen that men use more protein powder and creatine nutritional supplements, while women prefer to use L-carnitine nutritional supplements. At the same time, sports nutrition food with the function of weight loss and muscle gain is more popular with consumers, and the consumption trend is gradually showing gender differences. This part of the population is a loyal consumer of sports nutrition food. They have a comprehensive understanding of sports nutrition knowledge and insist on using sports nutrition food to help themselves achieve the ideal effect of sports fitness.