Vacuum Food Nutrition and Enterprise Lean Supply Chain Logistics Management Model

  • Yongjin Xie
Keywords: Supply chain logistics; Vacuum freezing; Vitamin C; Food nutrition


Vacuum freezing can change the appearance and nutritional distribution of food. For some foods, different drying methods have different effects on protein content. In the process of food processing, vitamin C is sensitive to processing conditions and will degrade with the change of pH and temperature. This paper analyses the logistics management mode of vacuum food nutrition and enterprise lean supply chain. In the logistics operation activities of lean supply chain, as the core organization of supply chain logistics activities, lean supply chain logistics service providers play a leading role in the construction of lean supply chain logistics service system. Using lean thinking to construct and operate supply chain logistics activities is a dynamic management process that takes customer demand as the driving force of value chain and makes supply chain logistics activities continuously improve and perfect. Through the integration of supply chain, a set of lean logistics operation scheme serving supply chain is formed, and the logistics operation goal of lean supply chain is realized.