Nutrition of Green Food and Differential Marketing for Consumers

  • Xuemei Wang
Keywords: Green food; Vitamin nutrition; Marketing; Protein nutrition


Organic soybeans in green food are rich in nutrients and have remarkable nutritional effects. Soybean saponins can control the reduction of platelets and the formation of thrombofibrin caused by thrombin, and have anti-thrombotic effects. Vitamin E in soybean can help people obtain high levels of tocopherol from daily diet, and achieve the purpose of improving physical fitness. This paper analyses the nutrition of green food and differential marketing for consumers. Price is an important and complex decision variable in the marketing of green food enterprises and a sensitive factor in the marketing environment of green food enterprises. Different marketing strategies for different customers play an important role in improving the market competitiveness of green food enterprises. In the process of marketing, enterprises should convey information about the existence, performance and characteristics of green food to customers, so as to arouse consumers'interest, stimulate consumers' desire and purchase behavior. Green food enterprises should make full use of all kinds of advertising media, promote and use green advertising, and guide green food consumption.