Fruit Dietary Fiber Nutrition and Financial Management Accounting of Food Enterprises

  • Ren Weifeng
Keywords: Fruit dietary fiber; Accounting; Food processing enterprises; Method application


As a main food nutrient, dietary fiber has physiological functions such as preventing intestinal diseases and intestinal cancer, reducing blood cholesterol concentration, and is of great significance for maintaining human health. Many fruits such as guava, kiwi, apricot, pear and so on have dietary fiber content above 10%. This paper analyzes the fruit dietary fiber nutrition and financial management accounting of food companies. With the rapid development of China's market economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food companies are growing rapidly. Financial management is not only related to the improvement of corporate competitiveness, it also plays a key role in the sustainable development of the enterprise in the future, and is the prerequisite for the market-oriented and international development of the enterprise. Aiming at the problems in the process of financial management, we propose targeted solutions to strengthen financial management, improve financial management level, and make it the center of business management. This paper proposes a simple accounting algorithm for food companies from the key points of accounting for food companies, accounting for the supply of raw materials, and accounting for food production processes.