Vitamin Nutrition of Tropical Mango and the Economic Benefits of Logistics System

  • Yu Guangtian
Keywords: Mango vitamins; Fruit logistics and distribution; Economic benefits; Distribution optimization


With the gradual development of the logistics industry, a large number of tropical fruits have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Mango has rich vitamin nutrition and excellent taste, so it has become one of the tropical fruits loved by consumers. However, there are many serious problems in the distribution of mangoes. For example, the texture of mangoes is soft and unprotectable, and the damage during the distribution process is great. The time and cost of logistics distribution also increase the economic benefits. This paper analyzes the economic benefits of tropical mango vitamin nutrition and logistics system. In recent years, the rise of online shopping has made more and more consumers prefer to obtain high-quality fresh fruits through the Internet. Fresh fruit e-commerce has risen with it, and it is now developing even more vigorously. Fresh fruit e-commerce refers to commercial services for the production, marketing, sales, and delivery of fresh fruits through the form of e-commerce, including the collection, transportation, storage, freshness, packaging, processing and related information activities of fresh fruits. "Fresh fruit e-commerce logistics", its role is to maintain and increase the post-harvest value of fresh products.