Soybean Protein Nutrition and Remote Sensing Monitoring of Soil Erosion in Songnen Plain of Heilongjiang Province

  • Zhang Yancheng
Keywords: Soybean protein nutrition; Black soil arable land;Remote sensing; Soil erosion


Soybean, as a food, feed and oil crops, has the characteristics of high protein and oil. Among them, protein content is the highest among all grain and oil crops, with an average content of about 40%. The content of protein in soybean is not only high, but also high quality. Relying on the national soil and water loss dynamic monitoring practice in 2018, using remote sensing and GIS spatial analysis technology, through the vector superposition of factors such as terrain, vegetation, soil, meteorology and other factors of soil and water loss, using soil and water loss model analysis and manual interpretation and correction to carry out Songnen The definition of the intensity and type of soil erosion in the black soil arable land of the plain, clarifies the types, area and distribution characteristics of soil erosion in the black soil arable land, proposes corresponding control strategies, and provides a scientific basis for the protection of black land and the construction of ecological agriculture.