Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6 Supplements for Athletes’ Functional Nutrition

  • Huang Yan
Keywords: Energy metabolism; Vitamin nutrition; Exercise capacity; Nutritional supplement


Vitamins are an indispensable nutrient and a necessary type of low-molecular organic compounds to maintain the normal metabolism of the human body. They have many types and different physical and chemical properties. The nutritional value of vitamins is through the formation of coenzymes or co-groups, which participate in the metabolism of substances and quantities in the body, and is one of the indispensable nutrients for metabolic regulation and maintenance of physiological functions. This article analyzes vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 supplementation for athletes' functional nutrition. With the development of tennis skills and tactics, the requirements for athletes in all aspects are becoming higher and higher. This requires that each player can be at a high level for a long time, whether it is explosive or endurance, sensitive or speed, muscle strength or flexibility Horizontal status. Nutrition is the material foundation necessary for athletes to improve their performance and ensure their optimal physical and athletic performance. Vitamins are essential trace elements in the human body. According to the characteristics of sports events, analyzing the mid-term principles and making targeted supplements are the basis to ensure the overall physical fitness of the athletes, thereby improving the athletes' competitive ability.