Jujube Protein Nutritional Content and Athletes’ Physical Training Supplement

  • Zhai Xiaoying
Keywords: Jujube protein; Swimming exercise; Exercise fatigue; Fitness supplement


Jujube contains about 2.1% of essential amino acids in the human body, accounting for 50% of the total amino acids. The total flavonoids, crude fat and total sugar of Dongzao Jujube were also higher. At the same time, glutamic acid is an amino acid that maintains brain tissue function, and also plays an important role in glucose metabolism and protein metabolism. This article analyzes the protein content of jujube and supplementation of athletes' training. The nature of sports fatigue is to study the change of sports ability of athletes under certain conditions. The generation of sports fatigue is exactly the sign of effective training. The key is to analyze the factors that produce sports fatigue and take effective methods to eliminate sports fatigue. The careful nutritional allocation will shorten the time required for athletes to recover from sports fatigue. Reasonable nutrition allocation based on effective exercise load monitoring is an effective way to eliminate fatigue. This article conducts a comprehensive analysis of the assessment of sports fatigue and nutritional supplementation for young and middle distance swimmers, with a view to providing a basis for coaches to guide athletes in eliminating sports fatigue.