Imported Orange Vitamin C Nutrition and Trade Terms Translation

  • Lv Na
Keywords: Vitamin C; Foreign trade and economic information; Translation teleology; Semantic translation


Vitamin C is widely present in various vegetables and fruits, and the content varies with the variety and origin. Vegetables and fruits are an important source of human vitamin C. Since vitamin C can undergo redox reactions with other substances, the quantitative relationship between vitamin C and its content is used to derive the vitamin C content. This article analyzes vitamin C nutrition and trade terms translation for imported oranges. According to the relevant principles of teleology, the purpose of translation is the primary factor that determines the choice of translation method. Therefore, the choice of any translation method must first consider the purpose of the translation act. However, in order for the translation to better achieve the purpose of translation, it must also meet the translation habits of the target language, be understood by target readers, and be meaningful in its communicative environment and target culture. This article uses theories such as translation teleology and translation reception aesthetics to analyze and study the relationship between the purpose of translation and the reading needs of target readers, as well as the relationship between these two factors and the translation of foreign trade materials. English translation of terminology of external materials.