Investigation on Athlete Protein Nutrition and Nutrition Regulation of Meat Products

  • Li Lixin
Keywords: Low-fat beef; Sports nutrition; Meat nutrition; Nutrition regulation


Low-fat beef is rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, and multiple vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that it contains anti-fatigue substances and also contains a large number of antioxidants. The branched-chain amino acids and tyrosine in low-fat beef are special amino acids suitable for athletes to supplement, and they also have the functions of delaying fatigue and participating in energy metabolism. This article analyzes the protein nutrition survey of athletes and nutrition regulation of meat products. Modern basketball has the characteristics of high intensity, high speed, and high antagonism. For basketball players, increasing the amount of exercise and training before the game is undoubtedly an important test for each physiological system, and it will inevitably cause fatigue reflection after exercise. For this particular group of college basketball players, they have both heavy study work and intense training and competition, which will definitely increase their body amino acid and vitamin consumption. In this study, a college basketball player was taken as a test subject, a nutrition survey was conducted, and then a nutrition intervention experiment was conducted to study the functions of anti-fatigue and delaying exercise fatigue after taking nutritional supplements.