Protein Nutrition Value and Design of Information Management System for Seafood Breeding and Processing Trade

  • Gao Xing
Keywords: Protein value; Food nutrition; Seafood breeding and processing; Information management system


The main factor determining the nutritional value of a protein is the type and content of essential amino acids in the protein. Marine fish are rich in protein and amino acid nutrition, among which the fish protein content exceeds 16%. This paper analyzes the nutritional value of protein and the design of information management system for seafood breeding and processing trade. The seafood breeding and processing trade system is based on the existing business management process and uses the characteristics of high-speed, high-efficiency, automatic operation, large-capacity storage, and low errors of computers to conduct business operations and management. The use of the seafood breeding and processing trade system has solved the problems of high business number error rates, irregular information, and poor information circulation in current business management. Real-time collection of sales business data through network technology, and analysis with the help of relevant software, so as to achieve dynamic control of sales activities, dynamic adjustment of sales strategy, and optimization of sales management; use information technology to dynamically grasp the enterprise, market, and supplier Supply and demand relationship to optimize inventory management.