Protein-fortified Nutritional Preparation for Skeletal Muscle Synthesis in Persons with High Physical Exertion

  • HUANG Wei
Keywords: Skeletal muscle; Protein fortification; Nutrition preparation; Mitochondrial pathway


The high-intensity exercise load consumes a lot of nutrient substrates. During exercise, the oxidative stress response in the body is enhanced, and the generation of reactive oxygen species is increased. The precursor protein is input into the mitochondrial matrix or the inner membrane of the mitochondria under the guidance of the specific amino acid sequence contained, and finally forms a mitochondrial matrix protein and an inner membrane protein of each component of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. This article analyzes the protein-fortified nutritional preparations for skeletal muscle synthesis in people with high physical exertion. Protein-fortified nutritional preparations can improve the protein and skeletal muscle content of fat-rich individuals and reduce fat content without increasing the burden on the body ’s breathing and nitrogen excretion, but the improvement of REE and plasma protein levels requires a larger sample size And long-term observation. The results showed that the IGF-1 and SOD levels were significantly reduced (P <0.05), and the skeletal muscle content was significantly increased (P = 0.02). Control group members had a significant decrease in SOD concentration (P = 0.015). Conclusion Protein-enriched nutritional preparations can increase the content of skeletal muscle by mobilizing the use of IGF-1 in the blood, while reducing the body's oxidative stress response.