Amino Acid Nutritional Content of Jujube and Vitamin Supplement after Athlete Training

  • Ming Du
Keywords: Jujube amino acids; Sports training; Vitamins; Nutritional supplements


Jujube is rich in nutrients, rich in sugars, fats, vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids, amino acids and various trace elements. Exercise can increase the body's free radical production and enhance oxidative stress. Therefore, the relationship between vitamin levels and exercise capacity and exercise fatigue in the body has been widely valued. This article analyzes the amino acid nutritional content of jujube and the vitamin supplementation of athletes after training. Athletes often consume a large amount of energy during training, so nutritional supplements for competitive sports are particularly important. Reasonable nutrition is the material basis for athletes to maintain a good training state, and it has a good effect on athletes' physical fitness status, physical fitness adaptation process, and physical strength recovery after exercise to prevent sports diseases. Reasonable vitamin nutrition supplement can not ignore the athlete's physical health and improve athletic ability. This article explains the importance of vitamin nutrition for athletes, so that coaches and athletes pay more attention to reasonable nutritional supplements.