Plant Potassium Nutrition and Optimization of Environmental Recycling Scheme in Old Industrial Zone

  • Huang Wenyan
Keywords: Plant potassium nutrition; Old industrial zone; Ecological restoration; Environmental governance


In the past development of the enterprises in the old industrial zone, due to the backward technological conditions, they must adopt high energy consumption, high material consumption, and high emission production modes, so that the discharge of pollutants exceeds the threshold of environmental systems, causing environmental pollution and ecology. The damage has hindered the coordinated development of the environment and the economy. At the social level, to truly realize the coordinated and sustainable development of the society, economy, and environment in the old industrial zone, the most important thing is to establish an effective policy and regulatory system, improve scientific decision-making and management mechanisms, and strengthen the supervision system. Popularize environmental knowledge and involve all people in solving environmental problems that arise. At the technical level, strengthen pollution control and ecological restoration. Adopt strict protection measures for the atmosphere, water, land resources, etc., find alternatives to fossil fuels, and fundamentally reduce the emission of exhaust gas; adopt advanced production technology to minimize emissions of exhaust gas, wastewater, and waste residue. In the process of environmental regeneration, the use of advanced technologies, especially fertilizers represented by plant potassium fertilizers, to improve soil composition can effectively promote environmental regeneration in old industrial areas.