Chicken Protein Fiber Nutrition and Fitness Supplement for Football Players

  • CHEN Yujun
Keywords: Sports nutrition; Chicken protein fiber nutrition; Football training; Nutritional supplement


Chicken is one of the most popular poultry products in the world. It has high nutritional value and has always been a nourishing and healthy food favored by people. In recent years, the importance of sports nutrition in competitive sports has become increasingly apparent. With the boom in anti-doping, sports nutrition has attracted more and more attention. Reasonable supplementation can improve exercise capacity and physical strength. Adequate carbohydrate intake is a vital nutritional factor for training energy needs and promoting post-match recovery. Football is a confrontational project with high intensity and long exercise time. Therefore, comprehensive and reasonable nutritional supplements are essential for football players. This article uses experimental methods and literature methods to study chicken protein fiber nutrition and its application, explores the role of nutritional supplements in improving the physical fitness of football players, clarifies the significance of reasonable nutrition for football players, and combines football players' physical training methods for football. The athletes proposed a reasonable nutritional supplement program to provide theoretical references for athletes and coaches.