Research on Organic Vegetable Vitamin Nutrition and Financial Accounting of Food Enterprises

  • Ren Weifeng
Keywords: Vitamin C; Food processing enterprises; Accounting; Accounting supervision


Vitamin C is widely distributed in nature, and it is especially abundant in many fresh fruits and vegetables, especially jujube, kiwi, lemon, pepper, persimmon, citrus and other fruits and vegetables. In daily life, proper intake of foods with high vitamin C content has a very important role in ensuring good health. In addition, the content of vitamin C varies greatly between different fruit and vegetable varieties and is easily lost during storage and processing. Therefore, the determination of vitamin C content is often used as an important indicator to identify the quality and storability of fruits and vegetables. This article analyzes the organic vegetable vitamin nutrition and financial accounting of food companies. Accounting has always been very important for enterprises. The accounting industry has also played an extraordinary role in today's economic construction. It has improved food companies on the basis of today's accounting system. This article will combine modern food processing The status of accounting and supervision of industry accounting work, relevant discussions, and reasonable suggestions.