Study on Evaluation Model of Soil Environmental Nutrition and Safety Status of Construction Engineering

  • Cheng Yang
Keywords: Construction engineering; Safety evaluation; Soil nutrition; Nitrogen element


Among plant nutrients, nitrogen is one of the most important elements. Soil nutrient determination is the result of combining the techniques of analytical chemistry with the principles of soil plant nutrition. This paper analyzes the evaluation model of soil environmental nutrition and safety status of construction engineering. Although safety management has begun to be emphasized in practice, and relevant departments have also adopted corresponding countermeasures and measures, building safety accidents still occur frequently. Based on a large number of investigations and references, this paper studies the causes of construction enterprise safety accidents and how to effectively manage and control them. The significance of strengthening the safety management of construction projects is analyzed, the establishment of the safety status evaluation system for construction project management is discussed, and the construction of the safety status evaluation model is clarified. From the aspects of site status, administrative management, and historical safety status, The safety status of construction project management was evaluated, thereby reducing the incidence of safety accidents and reducing the economic losses caused by safety accidents.