Rebuilding Engineering of New Building Materials and Plant Nutrition Ecology

  • Di Yin
Keywords: High-permeability epoxy material; Concrete protection; Epoxy resin; Plant nutrition


The effect of endophytic mycorrhiza on plant growth has long been recognized by researchers. Its mechanism of action in plant nutrition is to increase the absorption area of the plant root system, and promote the absorption of nutrients by the plant, especially the absorption of phosphorus. This paper analyzes the re-protection engineering of new building materials and plant nutrition ecology. In the buildings that have been completed or under construction, the waterproof and carbonization resistance of concrete is related to the entire service life of reinforced concrete structures. Failure to do a good job of waterproofing the building will greatly reduce the service life of the building and even endanger the structural safety Therefore, the waterproof protection of the building is particularly important. High-permeability epoxy material is a new type of waterproof and protective material. Compared with traditional primer or interface agent materials, it has a unique penetration reinforcement and waterproof effect. It can effectively increase the adhesion effect of the coating to the protected building and extend the protective coating. The service life of the floor is more and more widely used in many projects such as floor construction and bridge deck waterproof construction, and the comprehensive application effect is good.