Amino Acid Nutrition of Marine Fishery Foods and English Translation of Marine Law

  • Zhu Zhihong
Keywords: Fishery food; Marine law; English translation; Translation method


Fish foods are rich in amino acid nutrition. Among the single amino acids, the content of glutamic acid in the muscle of Puccinia ruficollis is the highest, reaching 11.95%. Glutamic acid is the main umami amino acid. It also has multiple physiological functions. . This article analyzes the amino acid nutrition of marine fish foods and the translation of marine legal English. In the 21st century, countries around the world have focused their attention on the future development of the ocean, taking reasonable and orderly development and utilization of marine resources, protecting the marine environment, and developing the marine economy as the basic national policy for survival and development. In this context, the translation of Chinese-English texts into maritime domains has also become a part of China-foreign exchanges. Compared with the inclusiveness of the word ―ocean‖ in Chinese, the expression of "ocean" in English is diverse. In this paper, through parallel research on the Chinese and English versions of the United Nations "Law of the Sea", specific examples are used to identify the relevant expressions of the word "ocean" as nouns and attributives in the English language, such as ―sea‖, ―ocean‖, and so on. The aim is to provide some references for the English translation of the word ―ocean‖ in maritime texts.