Chicken Protein Nutrition Combined with Aerobic Exercise Improves Immune Indicators in the Elderly

  • Shi Yue
Keywords: Chicken protein; Nutritional coordination; Aerobic exercise; Immune indicators


Chicken meat, as one of the important varieties of poultry meat, can provide human beings with an important type of protein. It has high protein, low fat, low cholesterol, low calories and other characteristics, and is considered as a healthy meat food. This article analyzes chicken protein nutrition combined with aerobic exercise to improve immune parameters in the elderly. The aging of the population has become a universal phenomenon in the world, and how to extend the life of the elderly and make them healthy lives is an important issue. A large number of studies have shown that physical exercise can improve the efficiency of the capillary system and increase the oxygen supply to the brain, thereby enhancing the neuron's oxygen uptake and metabolic activity; Regular physical activity can reduce sympathetic and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal hyperactivity, increase neurotrophic factor levels and the ability to resist stress; regular exercise and an active lifestyle can reduce the risk of adult-related diseases. However, what are the changes in the body during exercise or fitness for the elderly, how to control the amount and intensity of exercise, and how to obtain simple and intuitive indicators to guide scientific exercise during exercise have become important topics in current medical and sports medicine research.