Regulations on English Translation of Amino Acid Nutrition and Food Safety of Imported Soybeans

  • Ou Yan
Keywords: Food safety; English translation; Soy amino acid; Translation strategy


Modern nutrition theory believes that the nutritional value of protein is closely related to the amino acid composition of protein. The closer the amino acid composition of food protein to the composition of human protein, and the higher the nutritional value when digested and absorbed by the human body. With the high attention paid by all walks of life in our society to food safety, the importance of food safety risk communication has become increasingly prominent, which will help eliminate information barriers between different stakeholders and promote the healthy development of the food safety industry. For China, risk communication is the latest and weakest link in the risk analysis framework. As an international language, English is becoming more and more widely used in various fields. Therefore, the introduction and translation of risk communication materials of relevant foreign institutions has become one of the important methods to improve risk communication capabilities. The purpose of this article is to analyze the characteristics of risk communication texts and translation features, try to improve the level of risk communication translation, promote the effect of food safety risk communication, and promote the industrial development of the food safety industry.