Formula Nutrition and Packaging Design and Brand Marketing

  • Yuchuan Guo
Keywords: Formula milk; Protein nutrition; Brand marketing; Packaging design


The nutritional status of the baby will affect its growth and development, and the feeding method is the main factor affecting the nutritional status of the baby. There are many types of oligosaccharides in formula milk, and the content of some oligosaccharides is also higher than that of milk, and oligosaccharides can promote the brain development of newborns. The lower casein content in formula milk, the higher mineralization of casein micelles, and the larger diameter of casein micelles may be the reason why it is easier to absorb than milk proteins. This article analyzes the nutritional formula of milk formula, packaging design and brand marketing, and considers that good packaging design is the key to marketing success. According to different market demands, a series of packaging design marketing strategies are discussed: brand positioning marketing strategy, product positioning marketing strategy, and consumer positioning marketing strategy. Furthermore, it analyzes that packaging design is based on promotion as the ultimate goal, and proposes that packaging design should keep pace with the times, aim at different market environments, grasp consumers' psychological strategies, and go out of their own unique path.