Effects of Plant Water Nutrition and Building Construction on Soil Microorganisms

  • Chen Chongdong
Keywords: Eutrophication of water body; Plant purification; Engineering construction; Soil microorganism


Microorganisms in the soil play a very important role in material decomposition. As an important part of the ecosystem, soil actinomycetes, bacteria and fungi are very sensitive to environmental changes. Soil microorganisms play a huge role in biodegradation in the material cycle and transformation, and are an indispensable part of maintaining the ecological balance in the entire biosphere. The number of soil microorganisms determines the transformation of soil nutrients and the formation of soil aggregate structures, and has an important impact on plant fertility absorption, material transport, and transformation. This paper analyzes the effects of plant water nutrition and building construction on soil microorganisms. The impact of project construction on the three soil microorganisms has different degrees of impact, and it has a huge impact on the reduction of 0-40cm bacteria and fungi in surface soil. The three major microorganisms are the most abundant in different disturbed habitats, and there are few fungi and actinomycetes. There were obvious vertical distribution differences in the number of soil microorganisms in the disturbed and undisturbed habitats. Except that the total amount of microorganisms in the abandoned slag yard increased as the soil layer deepened, the total amount of microorganisms in the other four habitats decreased as the depth of the soil layer increased.