Organic Soybean Amino Acid Nutrition and Innovation Strategy Decision of Food Enterprises

  • Wang Hong
Keywords: Organic soybean; Amino acid nutrition; Food safety; corporate social responsibility; Ecological civilization


In recent years, with the improvement of the level of economic development and the change of people's consumption concepts, higher requirements have been placed on the quality of agricultural products, and quality breeding has never been valued. Organic soya is rich in amino acids, and each amino acid component is positively correlated with protein content. Among them, the correlation between tyrosine, arginine and protein content is extremely significant, aspartic acid and protein content are significantly positively correlated, and other amino acids There was a very significant positive correlation between the components. This article analyzes the organic soybean amino acid nutrition and the innovation strategy decision of food companies. In the context of ecological civilization, food companies must achieve balanced development of economic, environmental and social benefits, be responsible for all stakeholders such as product quality, consumers, the environment, and society, and must develop from the wider public interest and society Think about it from a different perspective. Fulfilling social responsibility is a good way to enhance the brand image of food companies. It can increase the public's sense of security and trust in corporate products, and thus enhance brand competitiveness.