Nutritional Content of Milk Hydrolyzed Protein and Standardized Translation of Food Instructions

  • XU Xue
Keywords: Milk hydrolyzed protein; Nutritional content; Dumas combustion method; Standardized translation


Milk and its products are an important part of the international import and export food trade and occupy a large share in international trade. Among them, the protein content of milk is extremely important. The comparison of Dumas combustion method and Kjeldahl method for the determination of protein content in milk has established a Dumas combustion method for the determination of protein in milk. Detection of bulk milk samples. With the development of China's economic market and further adjustment of the industrial structure, characteristic agricultural products in some regions have also been fully promoted and developed. However, after the actual situation has occurred and understood, these characteristic agricultural products have not yet had a standardized English translation. This not only restricts the introduction of agricultural products into foreign markets, but also brings difficulties to overseas tourists in the actual purchase process. Therefore, this article mainly analyzes and studies the problems that occur in the actual promotion process due to the imperfection of standardized English translation, and proposes reasonable suggestions and solutions for reference only.