Dairy Products Hydrolyzed Protein Nutrition and Food Packaging Industry Art Design

  • Chen Lin
Keywords: Dairy hydrolyzed protein; Package design; Cultural element; Consumption pattern


Amino acids in dairy products are the basic unit of protein. Proteins have both the physical and chemical properties of amino acids, some common characteristics of other organics, and many unique characteristics and properties. Postnatal feeding is one of the key factors that determine the survival and growth of premature infants. However, due to intolerance in some premature infants, fully hydrolyzed protein formulas made from hydrolyzed dairy products often replace conventional dairy products and become preterm. The first choice for infant feeding, and the simple and efficient packaging has also become a major focus of research. In packaging art design, it is necessary to fully explore its visual highlights, increase its humanization, artisticization, and cultural conception, and use visual experience as a guiding consumption expression. We must continue to innovate in packaging design, constantly enrich packaging styles, and constantly inject new cultural connotations to ensure that this product has a constant and lasting appeal in the hearts of consumers. The conversion of text language into image language is conducive to reducing the distance between products and children, and it is more conducive to promoting cultural acceptance, thereby promoting the purpose of promoting traditional culture.