Study on the Strategy of Reasonable Protein Diet and Proper Exercise to Maintain Healthy Weight

  • Jihong Xiao
Keywords: Protein nutrition; Reasonable diet; Healthy weight; Weight management


As the overweight and obesity index of children and adolescents increases year by year, the trend of aging of some adult chronic diseases is becoming more and more obvious. The maintenance of healthy weight in the adult population mainly depends on the energy balance, that is, the balance between intake and consumption, and the amount of food and exercise are two decisive factors to maintain this balance. A reasonable diet should not only meet the basic needs of the human body for nutrients, but also maintain a basic balance of energy intake and consumption. First of all, you should pay attention to a light diet with less salt, reduce the amount of cooking oil and intake of sugary drinks. Secondly, if overweight or obesity has occurred, pay attention to choosing a low-energy, low-fat, moderate-weight protein-reducing diet, and appropriately increase the proportion of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet. Regular exercise and monitoring weight changes are of great significance for preventing and controlling chronic diseases and promoting health. This article elaborates on the healthy weight, the weight change and influencing factors of Chinese residents, the harm of abnormal weight and weight management, the status of weight intervention at home and abroad, etc., and provides reference for scientific weight management.