Hydrolyzed Protein Nutrition of Meat Products and Nutritional Composition of Aerobics Athletes

  • Ying Zhang
Keywords: Sports nutrition; Functional ingredient testing; Meat products; Hydrolyzed protein nutrition


Meat is mainly composed of protein, and hydrolysis of meat mainly refers to breaking peptide bonds of proteins. Studies have suggested that the tenderization of meat is due to the action of enzymes, which are mainly caused by the endogenous proteolytic enzymes that weaken the structure of myofibrils. The product of protein hydrolysis by enzyme catalysis is called hydrolyzed protein or protein hydrolysate. This article analyzes the analysis of hydrolyzed protein nutrition of meat products and nutritional composition of aerobics athletes. With the development of competitive sports and nationwide fitness, athletes and fitness groups increasingly use sports nutrition. Based on the investigation of the hydrolyzed protein nutrition of meat products, the main functional components of 18 nutrition products in the centralized purchase list of aerobics sports nutrition food were tested. The results show that most of the tested sports nutrition products contain the indicated main functional ingredients, and the content meets the requirement of the nutritional content content of the shelf life of> 80% as stated in the relevant standards; there are problems with the labeling and content of the functional components of a few sports nutrition products. Need further verification and confirmation