Physical Recovery and Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition after Exercise

  • Haijun WANG
Keywords: Exercise fatigue; Protein; Amino acid; Physical recovery


The development of competitive sports in the world is very fast, and the number of competitive sports is also increasing. In sports, athletes will lose their physical strength after exercise fatigue, and their athletic ability will gradually decline. Athletic ability will gradually fade away due to the generation of athletic fatigue. If they are not restored in time, their athletic level will gradually decrease. In order to avoid such things, it is necessary to reduce the side effects brought by sports through sports recovery, so as to improve their competitive ability. Liver and muscle glycogen are the most important energy substances in heavy-load exercise.Therefore, for athletes, especially athletes who have participated in long-term sports for many times within a certain period of time, rapid replenishment of liver glycogen and muscle glycogen reserves is extremely important. Significance. There was no significant difference in muscle glycogen synthesis between carbohydrate alone and protein-carbohydrate groups during the exercise recovery period. As long as nutrition principles are followed and other thermal nutrients are adequately supplied, dietary protein can meet this protein demand.