K Plant Nutrition for Green Plants and Modern Architectural Design

  • Liming Bo
Keywords: Plant nutrition; Green building; K element; Design concept


Application of potassium fertilizer can promote photosynthesis of crops, promote crop results and improve the cold and disease resistance of crops, thereby increasing agricultural yield. Potassium exists in the form of free potassium ions in plants, which can promote the metabolism of carbohydrates and nitrogen; control and regulate the activities of various mineral nutrients; and activate the activities of various enzymes. This article analyzes the nutrition of green plant K elements and modern architectural design. In the development of the entire construction industry, green buildings have become the main development trend of the industry. In modern building design, the development of green buildings can not only reduce the harmful gases generated in construction projects to a certain extent, but also reduce the waste of resources, improve the overall performance of buildings, and enhance the overall benefits of the construction industry. Under this premise, this article mainly analyzes the application of green buildings in modern building design, and explores the role of potassium in green plants, with a view to promoting the sustainable development of the construction industry to a certain extent.