Effects of Egg Food Nutrition and Exercise Training on Physical Function of Patients with Diabetes

  • Dangyan Yan
Keywords: Nutritional therapy; Egg foods; Type 2 diabetes; Exercise therapy


With the current economic development and rising living standards, China's diabetic population has surpassed India and become the world's highest. More and more people with diabetes not only cause a decline in their own physical conditions, but with the increase of the number of people affected in China, the economic losses caused by T2DM patients in China have also increased rapidly in recent years, and the social burden has become increasingly serious. Type 2 diabetes is a systemic metabolic disease characterized by long-term hyperglycemia, coupled with the phenomenon of insulin resistance. For a long time, injuries have affected various organs and tissues, which has led to complications, causing varying degrees of disability and even death. This article analyzes the effects of egg food nutrition and exercise training on the physical function of diabetic patients. At present, the treatment of diabetes through exercise intervention has been proven to be one of the basic therapies for the rehabilitation of diabetes, and its value has been fully affirmed in many aspects. For people with diabetes, if more effective exercise programs can be established, their hyperglycemia and insulin resistance may be controlled.