Mathematical Hierarchy Analysis Model Optimization of Soy Amino Acid Nutrition and Food Logistics

  • Tan Dezhan
Keywords: Soybean amino acid nutrition; Logistics system; Food company; Cost control


Soybean is rich in amino acid nutrition. Soybean and its products can provide a large number of nutrients to the human body, so it is very popular with consumers. The nutritional value of protein is determined by the type and quantity of essential amino acid components and the proportion of each component. The transportation of soy products cannot be separated from the food logistics system. With the continuous development of China's food industry, food safety issues are becoming increasingly prominent. When talking about the food industry, we must first realize the importance of food safety issues. Optimizing the logistics system is an important content to promote the development of the food industry. Based on the connotation and importance of logistics system optimization, this article focuses on the status quo and problems of the food industry logistics in China. Through the application and analysis of the cost-volume-profit model of food companies, it is found that the control of logistics transportation costs has a decisive effect on the management of food companies' profitability. Optimizing the logistics system of food industry enterprises needs to increase investment from four aspects: information construction, in-transit management, cold chain technology development, and logistics transportation cost control.