Research on Food Protein Nutrition and Food Processing Site Multiple Remote Sensing Data Mapping Technology

  • Junhua Zhao
Keywords: Food protein nutrition; Processing site; Surface features; Multiple remote sensing


Protein is a substance with a certain spatial structure formed by the polypeptide chain composed of amino acids in a dehydration condensation. The protein is constantly being metabolized and broken down, and is in dynamic equilibrium at all times. This paper analyzes food protein nutrition and multiple remote sensing data mapping technology for food processing sites. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is more effective than optical sensors due to its all-weather and all-weather characteristics. It is more effective than optical sensors in a variety of complex environments and in poor weather conditions. Rapid acquisition of major disasters (such as floods, earthquakes, and landslides), crustal deformation monitoring, and other applications. Food protein is rich in nutrition, and the location of related food processing sites must be considered a lot. Focusing on the key points and difficulties in the application of medium and high-resolution SAR images in the field of surveying and mapping, this article focuses on the automatic acquisition of food processing site information, and explores the application of intelligent remote sensing data based on SAR data.