Nutritional Preparation of Porcine Bone Immunoactive Peptides and Supplements for Athletes’ Physical Training

  • Ma Zhiyong
Keywords: Porcine bone immunoactive peptide; Isolation and purification; Football; Fitness


Pig bone is rich in protein, and bioactive peptides obtained from it have attracted more and more attention from researchers. For example, some researchers have studied porcine bone collagen peptides that have a hypolipidemic effect and porcine bone peptides that improve the body's antioxidant capacity. However, the preparation of immunoactive peptides from porcine bone has not been reported. In addition to the tactics of winning football, good physical fitness is also an indispensable factor. The physical fitness and recovery of school football players during sports training (including during and after the recovery period) should not only rely on physical and psychological adjustments, but also rely on nutritional methods to develop scientific dietary behaviors. Promote athletes' physical recovery, and put them into sports training and competition in a better state. This article explores the isolation and preparation of porcine bone immunoactive peptides, and discusses nutritional supplements for the physiological characteristics of football players to promote physical recovery, reduce stress responses during sports, reduce muscle fatigue, and promote excessive recovery of physical fitness Enhance athletic ability to maintain good competitive conditions for school football players.