Fish Protein Nutrition Intervention and Changes of Biochemical Indexes after Basketball High-intensity Training

  • Wang Wei
Keywords: Amino acid composition; High-intensity training; Fish protein; Biochemical indicators


Fish protein has a balanced amino acid composition, high content of essential amino acids, easy digestion and absorption, and has many functional characteristics, which can provide athletes with sufficient nutrition. Basketball is a highly competitive, high-intensity, long-lasting, high-volume sport. When athletes complete a game, they will consume a lot of physical energy and the body will bear a large amount of exercise load. Therefore, if athletes want to win in the competition, in addition to having first-class technical level and strong will quality, they must also have scientific and systematic training arrangements so that the body can adapt to the requirements of heavy load training. The unique advantages of fish protein can provide nutritional support for basketball players. Therefore, this paper tests the biochemical indicators of young men's basketball players through one-time high-intensity training. The purpose is to strengthen the monitoring of different biochemical indicators of the athletes during the training phase, and to grasp the degree of the body's response to the load before, during and after high-intensity training. The change law provides a reference for the scientific training of athletes in the future.