Analysis of Protein Content of Green Soy Food

  • XIE Yan
Keywords: Soy food; Nutritional content; Supermarket business model; Entrepreneurship education


Soy is rich in nutrition, and green soy-based foods are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Many supermarkets that specialize in green soy-based foods have also gradually developed. Soy products contain human essential amino acids similar to animal proteins, but also contain calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals needed by the human body, including vitamins Bl, B2 and cellulose. This article introduces the nutritional value and health function of soybean, summarizes the development and utilization of soybean products in food engineering, and analyzes the future development prospects in order to provide references for the deep processing of soybean products and the research and development of health food. Since the expansion of college enrollment in 1999, China's higher education has entered an era of universalization, and the surge in the number of graduates will inevitably bring employment pressure. How to expand the employment channels of students and enable them to change from passive employment to active entrepreneurship. This article proposes the concept of establishing a “startup supermarket” and “4P model” in colleges and universities to provide support and help for students in entrepreneurship and improve employment in education. Insufficient guidance, elaborating the concept of entrepreneurial supermarket.