Physiological Function of Vitamin C in Metabolism and Optimization of Tennis Training

  • Miao Hua
Keywords: Vitamin C; Metabolism; Tennis; Training optimization


As an important cytokine, VC plays a very important role in the regulation of many physiological metabolisms. In recent years, research has raised the pro-oxidative effect of VC, including its effect on lipid oxidation and DNA damage. Vitamin C not only directly removes active oxygen, but also indirectly maintains the reduced state of other antioxidants. It plays a very important antioxidant role in the body, but also plays a very important role in many other aspects. This article reviews the antioxidant effects of vitamin C, its role as a co-substrate of dioxygenase, the role of vitamin C gene expression, and the role of vitamin C in lipid oxidation and DNA damage. With the promotion of school tennis, the development of professional tennis team athletes in colleges and universities has played an important role in improving their sports level and improving the performance of tennis teams. In the process of sports technology research, this article combined with the physical conditions of college athletes and the actual situation of training, carried out a special training method research work to provide support for the development of college tennis training.