Effect of Microbial Selenium-enriched Bacterial Fertilizer on Crop Nutritional Value

  • Bing Li
Keywords: Microbial selenium-enriched bacterial fertilizer; Lettuce; Nutritional quality; Chlorophyll content


The supply of soil nitrogen fertilizer determines the efficiency of soil fertility, the supply of plant nitrogen determines the supply level of crop nutrients, and the nitrogen-fixing bacteria in microbial selenium-enriched bacterial fertilizer and nodular fertilizer fertilizers can fix nitrogen in the air and achieve improvement. Purpose of nitrogen supply for plants. Microbial selenium-enriched bacterial fertilizer is a new type of biological fertilizer in the development of modern agriculture. It is processed through a special process and contains rich microbial live bacteria. Microbial selenium-rich bacterial fertilizer contains relatively active microbial flora and active enzymes, as well as a large amount of organic matter and rich varieties of trace elements. The fertilizer effect it exerts is mainly derived from the life activities of microorganisms, which has the effect of improving the soil. Promote plant growth, improve fruit quality and increase crop yield. In this paper, the effects of selenium-enriched microbial fertilizers on the growth, quality, yield, and nitrogen accumulation of lettuce were studied by studying three kinds of microbial selenium-enriched bacterial fertilizers suitable for lettuce growth and quality enhancement and concentration.