Milk Protein Protein Nutrition Calculation and Construction of Food Safety Early Warning Cloud Platform

  • Xiaowei Jiao
Keywords: Cloud platform; Network information management; Food safety; Dairy protein


Milk protein is an important indicator of milk quality and is one of the main nutrients in milk. In recent years, people's requirements for food quality and safety have been increasing, and the determination of protein nutrition in dairy products has also received more and more attention. With the rapid development of the Internet, the number of Internet users is getting larger and larger. The Internet has gradually become the main carrier for Internet users to publish information, obtain information, and transmit information. Moreover, a virtual society has been formed through exchanges between people and organizations. Under the current situation, using the characteristics of the Internet to establish a complete social information feedback network, and to find in advance various "possible" factors that may cause a crisis, it is very important to provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information for the emergency management of food safety incidents. Imperative and very important. To this end, this paper integrates key technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, distributed computing framework, timely topic information crawling, spam filtering, ontology-based food safety event information extraction and early warning, and researches and designs global food safety information monitoring and monitoring. Analyze cloud platforms.