Oat Bran Protein Nutrition Combined with Aerobic Exercise Improves Blood Lipids and Weight of Obese Adolescents

  • Chen Jinjin
Keywords: Oat bran; Protein nutrition; Aerobic exercise; Blood lipids and blood sugar


Oats are rich in dietary fiber, mainly beta-glucan. The study found that β-glucan has higher viscosity, and the viscosity increases with the increase of β-glucan concentration. Large intakes of dietary fiber, especially soluble dietary fiber, can significantly delay gastric emptying. This article analyzes oat bran protein nutrition combined with aerobic exercise to improve blood lipids and weight of obese adolescents. With the gradual improvement of people's material living standards, the number of overweight and obese adolescents has also increased, leading to a great decrease in adolescents' physiological functions and physical fitness, and the incidence of metabolic diseases such as hypertension and dyslipidemia has gradually increased. Adolescent obesity affects their psychology, and the incidence of obese adolescents is higher than that of normal adolescents. Therefore, find a reliable and safe way to improve the physical fitness of obese adolescents and reduce the incidence of metabolic diseases. It is of great significance to the current and future health of obese adolescents, and has received more and more attention. It has become a key topic for related scholars.