Corn Amino Acid Nutrition and Economic Benefits of Agricultural Finance

  • Zhao Jing
Keywords: Corn amino acid; Agricultural finance; Corn nutrition; Vitamin A


After years of development, fresh corn has become a representative of new high-quality agricultural products. Corn is rich in water and the highest content of soluble sugar, but the change trend of soluble sugar and amino acid is not the same during the development of fresh corn. In addition, lysine is the first limiting amino acid in corn, including high lysine type, with high nutritional value. In this paper, the author analyze the corn amino acid nutrition and economic benefits of agricultural finance. Financial institutions should be committed to innovation and support of agricultural financial products. Banks should conduct detailed research on the agricultural loan market from the perspective of rural financial market demand, screen and sort out the feedback information, and develop financial products that meet the needs of farmers and adapt to market development according to the characteristics of the market. By constructing an effective incentive mechanism, the supply of rural financial services can gradually meet the actual needs of farmers.