Soybean Isoflavone Nutrition and Agricultural Cooperation between Heilongjiang and Russia

  • LIU Fangyuan
Keywords: Organic agricultural products; Forestry asset management; Low cholesterol; Protein nutrition


Soybean isoflavone is obtained from plants and has the structure similar to estrogen. Therefore, soybean isoflavone is also called phytoestrogen, and soybean is the only effective source for human to obtain isoflavone. Soybean protein is a complete protein from plants, which not only does not contain cholesterol, but also has the effect of lowering cholesterol. With Russia's accession to the WTO and the restoration of agriculture, Heilongjiang's agricultural cooperation with Russia faces more challenges.In order to further strengthen Heilongjiang's agricultural cooperation with Russia and promote mutual benefit and win-win results, the article analyzes the status quo of Heilongjiang's agricultural cooperation with Russia, the advantages of cooperation and development, and the respective constraints of the two parties in the process of cooperation.From five areas proposed countermeasures to promote the healthy and efficient development of Heilongjiang's agricultural cooperation with Russia. It including Improving financial support mechanisms and benefiting farmers policies, increasing financing support for Russian agricultural enterprises and individuals, encouraging the transformation of Russian agricultural enterprises into deep processing.